5 Must Have Bracelet Designs

Well to start with, Bracelets are such a wonderful thing on earth which looks amazing on an ethnic wear.  The new trend which is going viral on social media, OOTD (Outfit of the Day) includes bracelets too. It is quite natural that you will be confused to know which of the designs suits you. This article will be efficiently working on providing top quality bracelet design at cost effective pricing. Let us now discuss about 5 must have bracelet designs:

  • Diamond Tennis Bracelet

This is supposed to be one of the best bracelets ever come across. Even though it is expensive, you will any day get tempted to buy this bracelet.  Well, why is it called Tennis Bracelet? A well-known tennis star by name Chris Evert was playing a match and she notices that her bracelet being fallen down. She interrupted match referee to pick up the bracelet. Hence, the name diamond tennis bracelet was kept.

  • Tiffany Love Bracelet

Tiffany love bracelet is a once such beautiful bracelet which has stunning looks. When you have to concentrate about the design part, it has an old traditional look which might not impress all. Earlier in 90s, this design was supposed to be the greatest hit.

  • Jeoel Blossom Twinkle 

Ladies are very particular of this bracelet as it has set great standards from many years. Well, again to be precise it goes on one’s perspective also. One might not find worth it and other might feel it is worth every penny. These bracelets are way too expensive when compared to other two. The stone named Cubic Zirconia gives a sparkling outlook.

  • Bottega Veneta Leather Bracelet 

It is made with one of the finest leathers and is worth buying as it never fades or turns dull like the gold ornaments. It is cost effective and looks just like the friendship bands which we used to wear it during our school days. Do you want go back to those nostalgic days? Go ahead with this bracelet.

  • Customize

Yes! You can even customize your own bracelet online based upon your requirement. But it is very difficult to customize a diamond or a gold bracelet online. You can try to do play around with those fancy bracelets.

Hope the article has covered all the points on this topic. Stay connected to us for more such sections. Thanks for reading!